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1. the return of a numbe restate dubai.  of displaced persons and refugees (about 300,000) Palestinian refugees.
2. the donor countries will inject $ 1 billion to the Palestinian territories.
The results and analysis based on the validity of the assumptions (axioms) adopted by the researcher. If the assumptions are incorrect, the search results will not sound and not acceptable.

4. 2. 5: hypotheses apartments in dubai
of the study or research questions: Hypothesis
And hypotheses of the study or assumptions are gathering  apartments in dubai
force, this study may include the imposition of one or several hypotheses, assumptions are needed to address the problem of search, the searcher should seek to discuss and test these assumptions and trying to prove or deny.
And hypotheses of the study are temporary solutions or strong probability interpretations of the problem at hand. Enforcement is used as a guide for steps in examining and discussing the problem with  restate  (arifag, 1987). And enforcement response to potential research questions and hypothesis represents a relationship between two or more of them continued, including the independent. But assumptions are not random, but finding a conclusion based on the information or theory or practical experience.
The first step towards truth is intuition and guesswork and assumptions, is a smart informed proposals and prior knowledge but imperfect and need to be checked. And turn hypotheses into facts be proven correct.
A. define imposition
Known enforcement:  restate dubai (guess or clever conclusion reached by the researcher and adhered) it (the view finder of principle in solving the problem or causes).
And enforcement means "Hypothesis" and is of partial Hypo means less, and thesis is a thesis or essay.
B. characteristics of  restate  hypotheses: dubai
Good enforcement is precisely formulated and tested statistically and speaks obligatory for variables and the relationships between them, and can validate or invalidate the hypothesis or relationships within it.
Featuring terminals with the following properties:
1. reasonable hypothesis: which comes in line with known scientific facts and not fiction, or contradictory, and this requires the researcher erudition.
2. check: can that be measured by quantifiable indicators and selection.
3. ability to explain the phenomenon: increase value hypotheses by its ability to provide a comprehensive explanation of position or provide a comprehensive dissemination to resolve the situation. dubai
4. consistency of the imposition, in whole or in part with relevant theories.
5. simple assumptions and complexity.

T. types of hypotheses:
Hypotheses directly indicates a relationship between two variables, differences between community Directional.
Hypotheses of zero indicates the absence of a relationship between two variables or no differences between community Null Hypothesis.
H. building  dubai terminals: