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could be generally in the form of a question or the image represents. For example: image problem reporting were formulated as follows:
(The apparent decrease in the level of education about us in the State as well as the negative impact on national vinegar). Or image:
(Unemployment in the Palestinian society, has had a clear impact on the behaviour of individuals, because of the many economic and social problems).
Either problem formulation to wording of the question is the following:
(The impact of higher education on about us GDP in the State as well as?) .
(The impact of unemployment on the social behavior of the Palestinian community?).
(What level of strategic thinking in the Palestinian Director?).
(The reality of internal oversight at the Palestinian ministries?).


It must be noted here that the formulation of the problem on any of the predecessors, comes only after wide and deep readings enable a researcher from properly wording that guarantees him complete his research.

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